There are two stages of applications involved in the acquisition of a CLASP Graduate Certificate: an initial application to enter into the Certificate Program and a second application once the coursework has been completed. These applications are entitled the CLASP Certificate Program Entrance Application and the CLASP Certificate Program Exit Application.

Students who have initiated a course of study in one of the University’s M.A. or Ph.D. programs are eligible to apply to the Certificate Program by submitting the Entrance Application via email to the program director, Kira Hall ( Admission into the program is not competitive: students will be accepted into the CLASP Certificate Program if they are in good academic standing in their home department.

The Entrance Application form requires the following:

  1. a summary of coursework already conducted in this area either at the University of Colorado or elsewhere, if appropriate
  2. a short student bio for the CLASP website
  3. a current photograph for the CLASP website 
  4. the name of a faculty member from among CLASP-affiliated faculty who has agreed to serve as the student's CLASP advisor, preferably in the student's home department

Students will be notified of their acceptance status shortly after application.

Upon completion, or near completion, of the program requirements, a student desiring a Certificate will fill out the CLASP Certificate Program Exit Application, submitting one copy of the form to her or his advisor and one copy of the form to the program director. The Exit Application requires a list of the course requirements that have been fulfilled. The advisor will be responsible for ascertaining that the student has indeed met the requirements and will recommend to the committee that the Certificate be awarded to the student. If approved, the committee will then notify the Graduate School that the Certificate should be granted upon completion of the graduate degree. Acknowledgment of the achievement will be printed on the student’s academic transcript.