Image of Theresa Manchego
Director • Precollegiate Development Program
Precollege Outreach and Engagement

Born in San Luis, CO (oldest town in Colorado).  My Dad’s ancestors came from Spain via New Mexico in the early to mid 1800s, and my Mom’s ancestors are French Canadian, Spanish and Native American.  I am one of seven siblings.  My Father was a Math and Social Studies teacher in the Boulder Valley Schools.  We moved to Lafayette, CO when I was in the third grade.  My older (one year older) brother and I were in the same grade throughout elementary, middle and high school, as I skipped a grade, and people thought we were twins.

I attended and graduated from Colorado State University and majored in Foreign Languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian).  I completed my master’s degree from Regis University and my major was Business Management.  I wrote my Master’s Thesis on “The Role of the College/University President”.   My thesis was published by Regis University.

After graduating from CSU, I began working at the University of Colorado Boulder’s School of Education Bilingual Programs; as a Program Specialist, I  worked with Ph.D. students, setting up their fellowships and editing their dissertations.  After five years there, I started working with UCB’s Educational Development Program whose Director was Norbert Hill.  After Norbert Hill left the department, I worked for Ward Churchill and several other directors; I was an accountant for the department.  In 1988, I was presented  the opportunity to work for UCB’s Pre-Collegiate Development Programs, and have been with the program(s), in several different positions, ever since that year.  In 2008, I became the Director of the Pre-Collegiate Development Programs (PCDP), a college prep educational enhancement student/parent program ,  which consists of approximately 1,000 students and 1,800 parents.  PCDP has been very successful and has had many students graduate from universities/colleges throughout Colorado and the United States.  Many of the PCDP students have gone on to Graduate School and become engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc.; it has been extremely rewarding to be able to contribute to the success of our Pre-Collegiate Students.