The Pre-Collegiate Bridge Program is the final stage of participation for high school seniors in CU Boulder’s Pre-Collegiate Development Program.  The program provides students and their parents with comprehensive information about the college experience and financial aid application process. Regularly scheduled Saturday meetings allow families to learn more about the physical, academic, social and, emotional transitions that the student and family will experience as the student takes the next step in their educational journey and how they can best adjust to this new phase of their lives.

Additionally, the Bridge Program hosts an intensive 3-week summer residential “bridge” program for students who have participated in Pre-Collegiate Programs from across the University of Colorado system as well as the university’s partner programs from across the state.  This intensive introduction to the CU Boulder campus allows the participants to come to the campus prior to the start of their first semester as freshmen and become more familiar with the many resources available to them to facilitate their successful transition to campus and continue that success as they pursue their degree program(s).  This cohort experience also allows the students to begin developing a small close-knit community with whom they can share their journey and experience the greater campus environment.