Pre-Engineering students enroll in appropriate math and science courses during their first year of study to prepare them for a transfer to engineering.

Pre-Engineering students are considered eligible for admission to engineering once they have satisfactorily completed the required courses for the program.

Minimum grade and GPA requirements must be met to secure admission to the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Most students can complete these requirements in three semesters, while some may do so in as few as two semesters. An accelerated admission option allows highly qualified students to be admitted after their first semester. 

The maximum length of time in Pre-Engineering for any student is four semesters (not including summer), at which point the student will either be admitted to engineering or will transition into another major at CU Boulder.

Step 1: Complete the required courses

Step 2: Maintain forward and satisfactory progress 

Step 3: Meet the Pre-Engineering admission requirements for the college