Preparation Checklist

If you are a new student in Pre-Engineering who is preparing for your first semester, please click the gold box on the right for specific information.

 Check your Enrollment Appointment - Your Enrollment Appointment is the specific date and time you can being enrolling in classes. Enrollment dates are assigned based on the number of credits each student has earned. The more credits one has earned, the earlier one can enroll in classes. To determine your enrollment date, visit the Buff Portal and click on Your Enrollment Dates on the Student Tab. While you cannot enroll in classes until your enrollment time arrives, you can place courses in your shopping cart to plan your schedule.

 Resolve any holds and complete your preregistration items - You can check for holds on your account and complete preregistration items by visiting the Buff Portal and clicking on Alerts: Holds, To-Do Items on the Student Tab. It is highly recommended that you complete all preregistration items prior to your enrollment date.

Build your semester schedule - Using the "Suggested First Year Schedules by Major" build a list of options for your semester courses. The Course Search function on Buff Portal will help you plan out your schedule and populate your shopping cart with a potential schedule. You should prepare your schedule well in advance of your enrollment appointment. It is also a good idea to have some backup sections or courses selected in case your first choice is already full with a waitlist. You can use the typical schedule below to guide your selections. Remember to also use your Pre-Engineering degree audit through Buff Portal to check that your class schedule is helping you move towards admission requirements. 

Meet with your Academic Advisor - To confirm your proposed course schedule or if you need help selecting your classes, you can meet with your academic advisor. Each semester you will have an advising hold that states you must meet with your advisor. Please visit Buff Portal Advising to schedule an appointment or view available drop-in hours for your advisor. Ideally, you should meet with your advisor prior to enrolling in next semester's classes. 

The following resources can be very useful in helping you plan your schedule:

The Typical Schedule for a Pre-Engineering Student