As you make the transition from high school to college, you may find the expectations are greater and that the study strategies you used in high school no longer guarantee your academic success. Pre-Engineering students can find academic support resources on this page: Resources for Academic Success.

Academic Support Resources

Engineering Ambassadorsstudents studying under a tree

Engineering Ambassadors are students in their sophomore, junior or senior year who offer a variety of direct services — peer advising, help with choosing a major, training in study skills, and career services, engineering center tours — as well as referrals to other campus services. Engineering Ambassadors receive paraprofessional training from a variety of campus resources. First-year students can learn more about this program on the Engineering Ambassadors page.

BOLD Student Success Center

Drop-in tutoring is provided free of charge to all Engineering and Pre-Engineering students. Students in need of one-on-one or small group tutoring for Calculus I, II, III, Differential Equations, Physics, Computing/Programming and a variety of other courses should visit the Student Success Center website. 

Department Specific Resources

Supports APPM 1350, APPM 1360, APPM 2350 and APPM 2360. Visit specific course pages for office hours or check out the APPM Learning Center for your specific course. The Applied Mathematics department also offers supplemental courses such as APPM 1390 A Game for Calculus which coaches students to implement study strategies geared specifically toward APPM Calculus in a structured, supportive, small group environment. Enrollment requires instructor approval.

Supports all MATH courses. Visit the Math Department website for specific hours and location.

Supports CHEM 1021, CHEM 1113, CHEM 1114, CHEM 1133, and CHEM 1134.  Contact your specific TA for more information on hours and location.

The Physics Help Room supports all major PHYS courses. Drop-in hours are Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in DUAN G2B90. Visit the Physics website for more details.

Supports CSCI 1300, CHEN 1310 and ECEN 1310. Contact your specific instructor/TA for more information on hours and location.

Additional Campus Resources

  • Housing Academic Support Assistance Program (ASAP) - Students living in the residence halls can get tutoring in specific courses free of charge through the Housing Department. Both drop-in and group sessions are available. Go to Housing ASAP for more information, or call 303-735-3303. You can also download and use the Penji app to locate tutors at CU Boulder.
  • Disability Services Office assists students with disabilities in taking part in the academic, social, and cultural life of the University. Services are provided to students with documented disabilities and physical disabilities. For more information, go to C4C, Room N200 or call 303-492-8671.  Students must make an appointment for a screening interview to determine eligibility for assistance.
  • Counseling and Psychiatric Services: A Community Action Center assists with a wide range of personal, group, psychological, and behavioral counseling. Additionally, offer a variety of workshops on managing time, procrastination, test anxiety and more. For more information please contact one of their two locations: CAPS at C4C (303-492-6766, C4C S440) or CAPS at Wardenburg (303-492-5654, Wardenburg, 1st floor).
  • Career Services helps students discover who they are, what they want to do, and how to get there. They are the bridge between academics and the world of work.Career Services offers free services for all CU-Boulder degree-seeking students, and alumni up to one year after graduation. There is a career counselor dedicated to working with engineering students who works in the Engineering Center two days per week, but any career counselor can assist you with your needs.  To schedule an appointment with a career counselor, call 303-492-6541.