Please also see the frequently asked questions for CU Boulder Applicants and CU Boulder Faculty Mentors.

Q: Does the applicant need a letter of support from the department chair?

A: Yes. The online application system, in concert with the proposed faculty mentor, will request a letter of support from the department chair. This separate letter from the department chair should describe the department's commitment to hire the applicant into a tenure-track position and/or identify a potential fit with another University of Colorado Boulder department, if appropriate. In the event that the mentor is a non-tenured or retired faculty mentor, the letter should also address the mentor’s expertise and ability with respect to the candidate’s needs.

Q: How do I submit a letter of support?

A: After a candidate submits their application, an automatic email will be generated by the application system that will include a unique url and instructions for submitting your recommendation letter. If you do not receive such an email, please check your spam folder. In the event that you cannot locate the url, please email

If you receive an electronic request for a recommendation letter for a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program applicant whose faculty mentor has not contacted you prior to submitting an application, please inform us via; no further action is required on your part. Such candidates are ineligible for the program.

Q: What are the application and letter deadlines?

A: The deadline for submitting the online application is October 15, 2018. Please provide your recommendation letter to your department chair by November 1, 2018 for departmental review; your department chair will be provided a list of applicants and mentors prior to this date. The deadline for uploading faculty mentor, department chair and reference letters is December 13.

Q: If the applicant is unable to relocate because of family reasons, should s/he still apply?

A: The program requires that fellows be in residence at CU Boulder.

Q: Does the support from the Chancellor’s Office include space?

A: No. The Chancellor expects that the departments and faculty mentors will make appropriate arrangements for space and other necessary resources, including research supplies and costs. The Chancellor’s Office provides postdoctoral fellows a salary of $50-60,000 per year, depending on the field and level of experience, and additional funds for professional development (please see Professional Development Fund Guidelines). The Chancellor’s Office support also provides fringe to cover the costs of benefits and enrollment in medical, dental and basic life insurance coverage while employed as a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow.

Q: What are the expectations for CU Boulder host departments?

A: Host departments are encouraged to welcome the fellow into the department and make every effort to ensure that the fellow is included in communications about departmental colloquia, seminars and social events. Host departments are expected to provide the fellow with information about salary and benefits and administer the fellow’s research and professional travel funds. Host departments are expected to provide the fellow with access to appropriate office space and routine administrative support such as telephone lines, departmental mail services, libraries and technical support.

Fellows should be hired under the Postdoctoral Associate (1312) job code.