Making Changes to CUConnect

To add, move or remove channels from CUConnect, click on Make Changes

CU Connect

From the yellow bar that appears, you can add a channel, add a tab, change your color scheme, modify the number of columns displayed, and/or reset your layout to the default.

Adding a Channel
To add channel, click on the "Add Channel" link.

This will bring up a display with a list of categories, each holding a variety of channels:

CU Connect

Click on the desired channel, then click on "Add to my page" to add the channel to the current page or click on "Use it now" to use the channel temporarily without customizing your CUConnect page.

If you decide not to add the channel, click on the "Done" button.

Moving a Channel
To move a channel, click the channel title and while holding down on the mouse button, drag the channel to the desired location on the page. The Announcements, Guide to Channels, and MyCU Links channels will not move.

Deleting a Channel
To delete a channel from your layout simply click on the Xwithin the Channel title bar. You will be asked if you're sure that you want to delete the channel. If you are sure, click ok; if you're not sure, click cancel. If you delete now, and change your mind later, you can always add the channel back in.

Delete channel

Changing Colors
CUConnect offers the ability to change its color scheme, or skim. Within "Make Changes" click on "Change Theme."

Change theme

A selection of skin options will be displayed. Pick the skin you like then click on "Choose." The new color scheme will be applied

Adding a Tab
If you would like to add your own tab to CUConnect, click on the "Add Tab" link.

Add a tab

Your new tab will appear, which you can customize as you please: name it, add columns to it, and add channels to the columns. Click "Done" to save your changes or click "X" to cancel.

Add a tab

Changing Columns
You can change the number of columns on a page and/or the widths of the columns on the page by clicking on "Change Layout." Modifications you make will apply automatically. If you decide not to make any changes, click the Done button.

Changing Columns

Resetting to the Default Layout
If you would like to remove any customizations and return to the default CUConnect layout, click on "Reset to Default Layout."

Reset to default

A message will appear asking you if you would like to continue or not. Replacing your default layout will remove any customizations you have applied to your CUConnect layout. Click the "OK" button to continue or the "Cancel" button to stop.

You will be prompted to log out of CUConnect in order for your changes to take effect.

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