Logging into CUConnect

Manage IdentiKey

IdentiKey Help
To log into CUConnect, you must use your IdentiKey. Your IdentiKey account consists of your CU Login name and a password you created that is typically different from your e-mail password. Your IdentiKey account is also what you use to log into computers in many of the computer labs, to log into CULearn, and for dialing into the CU modem pool. For more information and help with IdentiKey accounts, go to www.colorado.edu/its/docs/accounts/identikey.html

If you need further assistance with your IdentiKey, contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-HELP (5-4357 from an on-campus phone) or help@colorado.edu.

To use CUConnect, you must have cookies enabled on your web browser.

Windows Internet Explorer
If you are using Internet Explorer, go through the following steps:

  1. Click on “Tools” in the menu bar
  2. Choose “Internet Options” from the drop down Tools menu
  3. Select the Privacy tab from the Internet Options
  4. Set the slide bar to medium

Windows Netscape
If you are using Netscape, go through the following steps:

  1. Click on “Edit” in the menu bar
  2. Choose “Preferences” from the drop down Edit menu
  3. Select “Privacy & Security” from the Preferences Category listing
  4. Click on “Cookies” within the Privacy & Security listing.
  5. Choose (click on the radio button) next to “Enable cookies based on privacy settings”

After you have logged on, always remember to log out of CUConnect!
While your login is active, all of your personal information (registration information, on-line course information, billing, etc.) is exposed. Anyone sitting down at this computer while you are logged on can both see your information and behave as you. When you are done using CUConnect, log off – and protect your records!

Are you a Continuing Education & Professional Studies student and canít log in to CUConnect yet?
Not all Continuing Education & Professional Studies (CEPS) students have immediate access to CUConnect. If you are a CEPS student and need to register for classes but canít log in to CUConnect, click here and follow the links to register. CUConnect will be updated with your status in two days and you can then log in to view your schedule and other student records.

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To report problems with CUConnect or to send comments or suggestions, please email cuconnect@colorado.edu.