CUConnect GPA Calculator Channel

The GPA Calculator allows you to enter a projected grade for every class you are currently enrolled in, for which you expect to receive a grade and have not yet received a grade. The GPA Calculator will recalculate your GPA based upon these hypothetical grades. This is a general GPA calculator tool. If you have more specific needs or have specific questions about your GPA, please contact your Academic Advisor.

GPA Calculator Display

As illustrated above, the GPA Calculator channel displays your current GPA (including hours, quality points and resultant GPA) along with a listing of your current courses, with a column showing either the grade you have already received or a drop down box for selecting a projected grade.GPA Calculator Channel

For each ungraded course, a drop down list of grades is available for selection. (Pass/Fail courses have a grade selection of Pass, Fail or Withdraw.)

GPA Calculator Channel

After choosing a grade for each course, press the “Calculate GPA” button. Your projected GPA, based upon the hypothetical grades that you have entered, will be calculated and displayed.

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