CUConnect Student Employment Channel

The student employment channel provides job listings, in a variety of categories, for positions available to CU-Boulder students. These listings are updated nightly.

The job listings are divided into the general categories of on-campus or off-campus jobs, and hourly or work-study jobs. If you have not applied for financial aid and/or have not received a work-study award, you may only apply for on or off-campus "hourly" (non work-study) positions.

Listing of general categories:

Student Employment channel

Select the general category that you are interested in and eligible for.

Once a general category is selected, job categories will be listed:

List of Job Categories

Select the job category you are interested in. (Subcategories may be displayed within a selected job category. If so, select the subcategory of interest.)

Available positions for that job category will be displayed:

Example of Job Category

Each detailed job listing displays all of the available information about the job, including contact person, phone and email. Use this information to pursue any employment opportunities of interest to you.

If you have questions about Student Employment, contact the Student Employment Office at 303-492-7349 or stop by their office at the University Memorial Center (UMC), Room 100.


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