CUConnect Course Lookup Channel

The Course Lookup channel allows you to search for courses for a specified term. The course search can be by:

  • Course Level and Department offering the course
  • Specific course number

Course Search Request

Diagram describing Course Lookup
  1. First, select the term you are interested in for your course search.
  2. Optionally, select the course level (lower division, upper division, graduate) and a department (Anthropology, Communication, Education, etc.) of interest to help narrow down your search.
  3. If you do not enter a course level and department, enter a specific course number (four character department code followed by its four digit number).

Course Information Display

Diagram showing Course Information Display


Schedule Planner

Diagram showing Schedule Planner Link

The Schedule Planner Link from the Course Lookup tool takes you to the schedule planning tool. Use this to help plan your upcoming semester of courses prior to registration.

Schedule Planner


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