CUConnect Announcement Channel

Every CUConnect user is automatically subscribed to the Announcements Channel. Announcements appearing in this channel are "vital" by definition. Because of the vital nature of this information, the Announcement Channel cannot be removed from CUConnect.
CUConnect offers a variety of announcements; the announcements you see are based on your connection with the campus.

  • Health & Safety, Campus Life, Chancellor, and Vital Announcement topics are displayed to everyone.
  • Academic, Financial, and Student Life topics are displayed to all students.
  • Faculty announcements are displayed to faculty, Staff announcements to staff, and Employee announcements to everyone working at CU-Boulder.
  • College/School-related announcements are displayed just to those students enrolled in those specific colleges/schools.
  • Class-level-related announcements are displayed just to those students within those class levels (freshmen, sophomore, etc.).
  • Undergraduate announcements are displayed to undergrads; graduate announcements are displayed to graduate students.
  • Housing announcements are displayed to students residing in Residence Halls; Off-campus announcements are displayed to students not living in Residence Halls.
  • International Student announcements are displayed to students who are not U.S. citizens.

If a link is associated with the announcement, the announcement title will be a hot link to the referenced web page. Once read, an individual announcement can be hidden by clicking on "hide" for the announcement. Announcements can also be emailed by clicking on "email" for the announcement.

You can also subscribe to receive announcements you would not receive automatically.  To subscribe to an announcement, click "Subscriptions" located at the bottom of the Announcements channel. Choose the announcement topic you would like to receive and click the Submit button. Click on "Return to Welcome tab" to go back.

Diagram showing Course Information Display

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