Date:  Thursday, December 21, 2017

Time:  10:30-11:45am

Ceremony Location:  University Memorial Center (UMC) 235 Conference Room

 No reservations or RSVP are necessary.

 Families and friends are welcome!

Parking Information

Professor David Brown, Chair, will preside and after his remarks students will be called to the front/podium to receive their degree covers. Your actual diploma will be mailed to you later by the Registrar's office. There isn't a stage per se; it is the front of the room. The audience including graduates sits facing the podium, and faculty sit on chairs facing out towards the audience. There will be cake and coffee. We will give the audience members programs with the names of graduates. You are not required to wear the cap and gown but we do ask you to dress nicely as befitting the event. Parents and guests often enjoy talking informally after the program with the Chair and faculty who attend the program.

The spring graduation ceremony is larger (1000 people) and there is a stage (Glenn Miller Ballroom) so the logistics are very different. Graduates wear cap and gown to this program because it is more formal.