The 2018 Undergraduate Research Fellows presented their findings to a group of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students on Wednesday, May 3rd, in Guggenheim Geography Room 3.

Program of Presenters

Kayla Gonik
Mentor: Dr. Greg Young
"The Effects of Oil Rents on Democracy"

Jeffrey Nonnemacher
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald
"Understanding Electoral Breakthroughs of Far-Right Parties: A Continental Analysis"

Abigail Sewall
Mentor: Dr. Erin Huebert
"Trust in Police in Latin America: Explanations for Sub-Regional Variations"

Ahmawn Romby
Mentor: Anna Daily
"Trouble with Gender Politics: The Alienation of the Non-Binary"

Ann Cipriani
Mentor: Chris Jorde
"The Fourth Wave: The Influence of Immigrant Integration on Far-Right Wing Party Support"

Ami Cho
Mentor: Dr. Dan Lowe
"Is the Underrepresentation of Women in Japan Unjust?"

Pedro Souza
Mentor: Stefani Landehennig
"To Speak or Not to Speak: The Crisis Over Political Correctness and Free Speech on College Campuses"

Andrew Harvey
Mentor: Dr. Svet Derderyan
"Raising the Bar?: The differential impact of the financial crisis on FDI in developing and devloped countries"

Rachel Ensign
Mentor: Jim Pripusich
"A Dangerous Combination for Refugee Children: Weak National Education Systems & Heavy Reliance on International Organizations"

Serene Singh
Mentor: Dr. Chinnu Parinandi
"Media Representation of Sikhs, Turbans and Sikhism from 2002-14 in Canada and the US: A Meta-Analysis"