Nichole Torpey Saboe
Ph.D. • Comparative politics, research methods, political economy

Major Fields: Comparative Politics and Political Methodology

Minor Field: Political Economy

Dissertation: "Education Inequality: An Examination of the Political and Economic Factors Associated with Educational Disparities Around the World"

Committee: Brown(Chair) 

Defense date: November 9, 2016

I create an original measure of within-country education inequality and examine how modernization, globalization, and democratization are associated with within-country educational disparities. I also do an in-depth case study of education inequality in Mexico and consider disparities in quality of education.

Teaching interests: Political economy, economic development, comparative politics, research methods, public policy


Torpey-Saboe, Nichole. "Does NGO Presence Decrease Government Spending? A Look at Municipal Spending on Social Services in Brazil." World Development 74 (2015): 479-488.

Torpey-Saboe, Nichole, et al. "Benefit sharing among local resource users: the role of property rights." World Development 72 (2015): 408-418.

Torpey-Saboe, N. 2015. “Does NGO presence decrease government spending? A look at municipal spending on social services in Brazil.”  World Development 74:479-488.

​Torpey-Saboe, N.  2019.  Measuring Education Inequality in Developing Countries.  London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Awards: Graduate Research Grant (3 time recipient),
CU Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Graduate fellowship, Center for Latin American Studies, Georgetown University

Teaching interests: Inequality, social policy, economic development, comparative politics