Josalyn Williams
Ph.D. Candidate • American Politics and Public Policy

First Field: American Politics

Second Field: Public Policy

Minor Field: Research Methods

Research Interests: Gender and Politics, Political Participation, Political Representation, American Indian Politics, and Social Movements

Dissertation Title: The Different Political Worlds of Women and Men

Dissertation Chair and Committee Members: Chair: Anand Sokhey, Committee Members: Jennifer Wolak, John Griffin.

Dissertation Description: Using a mixed method approach, my dissertation examines how men and women differ in their perceptions of what is considered political, what constitutes citizenship, and the purpose of government. I then link these findings to persistent gender differences in civic engagement. The findings in the dissertation help to substantiate long-held theories that men and women interface with politics differently – theories that underlay much of the gender and politics research   

Expected defense date: April 2020

Awards: CARTTS Fall 2018 Graduate Student Award $1000, Large Graduate Research Grant $3200, Small Graduate Research Grant $750, American Politics Research Lab Grant, $1000, Multiple Travel Grants.

Publications: Williams, J., Runge, K., Sokhey, A.E., and Ryan, J. 2017. “Colorado Sixth Congressional District: Moderate Policy Positions and Distance from Trump Help a Republican Incumbent Fight off Another Strong Democratic Challenge.” In Roads to Congress 2016: American Elections in a Divided Landscape. Sean Foreman and Marcia Godwin, eds. Palgrave McMillen. pp. 93-107.

Teaching interests: Introduction to American Politics, Gender, Sexuality, and US Law and Policy, Gender and US Politics, Race, Class, and US Politics, US Campaigns and Elections, US Political Attitudes and Behavior