Ph.D. Candidate • American Politics and Methodology

Major Field: American Politics. Minor Field: Political Methodology

Dissertation Title: Social Accountability and Political Misinformation

Dissertation Committee: Anand Sokhey (Chair) , Jennifer Wolak, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Kyle Saunders.

Dissertation Description: Scholars and democratic theorists have long wrestled with the implications of a democracy devoid of well-informed citizens. Using original screen/audio capture data, conjoint experiments, and lab experiments, I appraise multiple ways in which social context helps people defend themselves and others from “fake news”. My work looks between individual and institutional solutions to public ignorance - and investigates how social ties and perceptions of one’s place in society help inoculate the American public from becoming misinformed.   

Expected Defense Date: Winter 2020


*              Shapiro, I., and Sokhey, A. Social Networks and Public Opinion in Polling America, An Encyclopedia of Public Opinion, 2nd Edition. (Forthcoming).

*              Shapiro, I., Richardson, S., McClurg, S., and Sokhey, A. Political Discussion Networks. In The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making (Forthcoming).

*              Ladam, C., Shapiro, I., and Sokhey, A. Social Network Influence on Political Behavior in Religious Contexts , In The Oxford Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion (Forthcoming).

Awards: First Year Poster Prize. 3rd. GIPS Paper Prize Summer 2014.

Teaching Interests: Political Behavior, Political Psychology, Misinformation and Conspiracy Endorsement, Social Influence, Gender,  Deliberative Democracy, Survey Design, Experiments.