Directions for Spring 2017 Semester

A student can NOT pick up a Special Action Form. 

Special Action Form

Must fill out the following items: 

  ✓ Term

  ✓ Year

  ✓ Student name

  ✓ Student ID

  ✓ Student College

  ✓ Subject abbreviation

  ✓ Course number

  ✓ Section number 

  ✓ Instructor name and signature

  ✓ Comments/reason for change

 ➤ September 9th is the last day for undergraduate Colorado residents to add a class to recieve College Opportunity Funding (COF). After this date, adding a class required instructor approval and a COF Addendum Form, and will continue to be processed by the instructor's department. 

 ➤ Special Action Forms must be returned back to the front desk upon completion.

 ➤ Please ask any student turning in a Special Action Form for their email in case we need to contact them for information.