Fall 2021 Course Schedule

Course Number Description Instructor Syllabus
1101-100 Introduction to American Politics Griffin Syllabus
1101-582* Introduction to American (CE) Bacovsky Syllabus
3011-001 The American Presidency & the Executive Branch Parinandi Syllabus
3021-001 US Campaigns and Elections Bacovsky Syllabus
3021-880 US Campaigns and Elections Donavan Syllabus
3041-001 The American Congress Billica Syllabus
3061-001 State Government & Politics Shepherd Syllabus
3191-001 National Security Organizations & Policy Making Kanner Syllabus
4241-001 Constitutional Law Baird Syllabus
4341-001 Media and Politics Donavan Syllabus

Course Number Description Instructor Syllabus
2012-100 Intro to Comparative Politics Steinmo Syllabus
2012-130R Intro to Comparative Poltics (GRAP) Derderyan Syllabus
2012-300E* Intro to Comparative Politics (CE) Connell Syllabus
3052-001 Gender and Politics in Latin America (WGST) Bayard de Volo Syllabus
3062-001 Revolution and Political Violence Young Syllabus
3062-002 Revolution and Political Violence Hale Syllabus
3172-002 Democracy & Its Citizens in the US/EU Marlar Syllabus
4012-001 Global Development Cohen Syllabus
4302-001 European Union Politics Bacovsky Syllabus

Course Number Description Instructor Syllabus
2223-100 Introduction to International Relations Tir Syllabus
2223-130R Introduction to International Relations Derderyan Syllabus
2223-300E* Introduction to International Relations (CE) Connell Syllabus
3123-001 War, Peace, Strategic Defense  Young Syllabus

War, Peace, Strategic Defense 

Cohen Syllabus
3143-001 Current Issues in International Relations Kanner Syllabus
3163-001 American Foregin Policy Aydin Syllabus
3163-550R American Foreign Policy  Howard Syllabus
3183-001 International Law Beard Syllabus
3193-001* International Behavior (CE) Kanner Syllabus

Course Number Description Instructor Syllabus
2004-010 Survey of Western Political Thought Vanderheiden Syllabus
2004-880  Survey of Western Political Thought - Honors Chadwick Syllabus
2004-888R Honors RAP Chadwick Syllabus
3054-001 American Political Thought  Donovan Syllabus
3174-001 Sex, Power, Politics



Course Number Description Instructor Syllabus
2075-010 Quantitative Research Methods  Hunter Syllabus
2075-582* Quantitative Research Methods (CE) Bacovsky Syllabus
3075-001 Applied Political Science Research  Bessen Syllabus
3105-001 Designing Social Inquiry Baird Syllabus
3155-002 Survey Design and Analysis Nava Syllabus
3035-001 Qualitative Methods Derderyan Syllabus
3225-001 Strategy and Politics  Strayhorn Syllabus
3225-581* Strategy and Politics Beard Syllabus
4715-800 Honors Political Science Seminar Fitzgerald Syllabus

Course Number Description Instructor Syllabus
2106-001 Intro to Public Policy Analysis Sohn Syllabus
2106-880 Intro to Pubilc Policy Analysis Bickers Syllabus
2116-881 Intro to Environmental Pubilc Policy & Analysis (Honors) Chadwick Syllabus
3206-001 The Environment and Public Policy  Billica Syllabus

Course Number Description Instructor Syllabus
4028-001 Special Topics: Religion in Politics Sokhey, A. Syllabus
4028-002 Special Topics: Race, Power, Politics Ferguson Syllabus
4938-550R CU in DC Billica Syllabus


Internship in Government  Billica Syllabus

Course Number Description Instructor Syllabus
6851-001 Interdisciplinary Social Science Wyrod Syllabus
7008-001 Teaching Political Science Aydin Syllabus
7055-001 Introductory Game Theory Strayhorn Syllabus
7073-002 Seminar: Global Political Economy Park Syllabus
7075-001 Scope & Methods of Political Science Boulding Syllabus
7085-001 Introduction to Data Analysis Hunter Syllabus
7085-010 Introduction to Data Analysis - Lab Hunter Syllabus
7114-001 Survey of Historical and Contemporary Political Theory Ferguson Syllabus
7131-002 Political Psychology Sokhey A. Syllabus
7155-001 Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Generalized Linear Models Phillips Syllabus
7172-001 Comparative Political Institutions Jupille Syllabus
7203-001 International Migration & Policy Shin Syllabus
7222-001 Comparative Political Behaviour Baker Syllabus

*Offered through Continuing Education