LifeLine Enterprise App screenshot

Beginning June 30, 2018, the University of Colorado with no longer provide the LifeLine Response app, free of charge, to students, faculty and staff. The Lifeline Response app is still available to individuals for a monthly fee. Go to for more information.

In 2015, the CU Student Government brought LifeLine Response, then known as LifeLine Response Enterprise, to campus. The app would turn your phone into a panic button. If activated, it would start a series of events which would culminate in the LifeLine dispatcher notifying local police on your behalf.

In the three years since offering LifeLine Response, the app has had a low download rate and even lower usage rate. During that same time, the market for smartphone safety apps has exploded and both Android and iOS devices have added an emergency calling features to their feature lists.

University of Colorado Boulder students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to explore these safety apps and device features to determine which one works best for them.