Below are definitions of various phrases used with the CU Campus Alerts system. Campus community members with a, or email address can sign up to receive an alert by text message, email or both.

  1. Notification: To provide information that helps individuals make informed decisions, but does not have an immediate life safety implication. There is no set time parameter for dissemination of notifications.
  2. Warning: To provide confirmed information in an immediate, active manner that pertains to life safety, and/or instructions that require immediate action. "Run. Hide. Fight." will be considered warnings. This includes “Emergency Notifications” as defined by the Clery Act. Emergency notification is triggered by an event that is currently occurring on or imminently threatening the campus. Initiate emergency notification procedures for any significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees occurring on the campus.
  3. “Timely Warning”: Timely warnings are triggered by crimes that have already occurred but represent an ongoing threat. Issue a timely warning for any Clery crime committed on Clery geography that is reported to campus security authorities or a local law enforcement agency and is considered by the institution to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and staff. These are issued once pertinent information is available.
  4. “CU Alert”: The general name for the system that is used to send notifications and warnings to the campus.
  5. Evacuation: The movement of individuals from a specific, potentially dangerous or threatened area to a safer location.