Sergeant Zizz teaches a recent active harmer class.

The University of Colorado Boulder Police Department offers a series of four classes on Workplace Violence/Active Harmer Response and Prevention. These classes are designed for students, faculty and staff of the CU Boulder campus and are generally held for the entire office staff or a group of combined offices who share work space. Each class is designed to build on the previous class, so it is highly recommended that they be completed in succession.

The first class lasts about ninety minutes and introduces attendees to the basic response options for these frightening situations. We will review some basic statistical data and watch the video, “Shots Fired!” as a group. After watching the video, we will discuss how you should react if you ever find yourself in one of these situations within your workplace. Every effort is made to address concerns, dispel myths and customize the response options to the specific group and their work space. This course is geared as a reactive training on how to respond if an incident occurs.

The second class lasts about two and a half hours and discusses, in much greater detail, the studies that have been conducted on workplace violence and active harmer events and the statistics that have come from these studies. We will examine the common traits in the majority of these attacks as well as the clues that are found in the pre-attack behaviors of the attackers. Finally, we discuss the significant resources available here at CU. These resources include a threat analysis and a mental health professional intervention to prevent a potential aggressor from attacking. This course is geared as a proactive training on how to recognize threat behaviors, report them, and prevent an incident from occurring.

The third stage of this training process is broken into two steps. First, we will come to your office space and conduct a site security assessment. We will provide recommendations for enhancing workplace safety and assist you in the creation of, or the update of, an emergency action plan for your work space. This will include evacuation plans, shelter in place plans and how to maintain the continuity of operations. The second step involves a table top exercise which will be planned by our Emergency Management team. This exercise will test your new or updated emergency action plan and make sure that everyone understands the plan and that the plan is functional.

The final training that is offered under this program in titled “Trauma Kit Training”. This training is hosted by our Emergency Management Team and our regional medical and EMS partners. This class lasts about two hours and covers the emergency medical steps and treatments that are successful in preventing significant blood loss from various trauma that can be caused in these situations. Each student is given a trauma care first aid kit at no cost and trained on how to use the contents to treat themselves or someone else in an emergency.

If your work team is interested in starting these classes or if you would like more information, please contact the CU Police Department Training Officer at 303-492-7311.