John Zizz teachers an active harmer response training class.You never know where an active harmer could attack. It could be at a school, shopping center, theater, or many other locations. We call it an activer harmer attack rather than an active shooter because the attacker could use any type of weapon. The key to surviving such an attack is knowing what to do when facing that attack.

We would be happy to provide training to your group at your convenience. We have a full program you can take advantage of, consisting of four parts in the training series. 

  1. First, your group must view our active shooter video. Also, there is a short video, which provides a great summary of emergency options.
  2. After your group viewed the video training, provide us with some optional dates that will work well for your group and we can set up the 90-minute, instructor-led active harmer course. We ask that you provide the training location set up with audio/video equipment.  
  3. The third part, after the "Run. Hide. Fight." concepts are well known to the group, we can provide a site survey with a question and answer session specific to your CU Boulder work-space. 
  4. The last part, our Emergency Management division can help schedule trauma first aid training through our training partners.