Connections & Opportunities

The PLC Network gives you an edge by creating access to career opportunities, professional networks, alumni and other supporters that can enhance your undergraduate experience as well as after graduation. Influential networks are essential ingredients for success, so we take an innovative approach by underscoring the power of personal connections and professional relationships as vital complements to PLC’s competencies. Through interaction with our alumni and supporters, professional development programming, coursework, and walkabouts, you will be poised to cultivate relationships and seize opportunities that can dramatically change the course of your future.

While optimized for current students, PLC alumni can also take advantage of the PLC Network for employment referrals, mentoring, professional development and advice.

PLC Network Includes:

  • Access to PLC’s LinkedIn network (600+PLC alumni and current students)
  • Networking Events
  • PLC Alumni Mentor Program
  • PLC ALE Partners
  • Job postings from companies and organizations targeting PLC students