The Mentor Programs Coordinator is primarily in charge of initiating and sustaining the progress of mentor relationships available to PLC students. This position works within the Community Team on the PLC student staff. The Mentor Programs Coordinator must attend weekly student staff meetings and weekly Community Team meetings as well as host 1-2 office hours during the week. 

Current Mentor Program Offerings:

1) PLC2 - PLC Peer Connection Leadership - Peer-to-peer mentoring program between PLC students.

2) AMP - Alumni Mentor Program - Alumni volunteer time and expertise to interested PLC students; profiles are kept current by this position

The Mentor Programs Coordinator surveys, matches students, and kicks off the PLC2 program in September, while maintaining check-ins and offering assistance to PLC students involved in the program throughout the year. This position is responsible for keeping the momentum and energy going for PLC peer mentor pairs all year by assigning speed-dating, Instagram challenges, and events which the pairs can attend together.

The Mentor Coordinators are also responsible for planning and executing at least two Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) Panels each year. The coordinator will need to choose a panel theme, identify alumni speakers and moderators, invite panelists, and facilitate the panel itself. Throughout the year, the Mentor Programs Coordinator communicates with current alumni mentors to keep contact information current. Additional efforts to promote student outreach to the Alumni Mentor program is encouraged and needed throughout the year and can be innovated by the person holding this position.