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Applied Leadership Wilderness Course - To Register, please fill out the Interest Form linked below

27 July - 4 August 2018 - $480 for PLC students

Registration opens Monday, 12 March for this summer's Applied Leadership Wilderness Course (ALWC) - 27 July through 4 August.

Join us for one day of preparation on campus followed by one week in Colorado’s collegiate peaks. This year’s trip will include white water rafting, climbing and belay skills, trauma medical response training, and a 4 day trek through the mountains. All skill levels welcome - whether you are an experienced alpinist or you’ve never camped a day in your life. You’ll have a transformational experience under the supervision of world class mountain guides. Trip is limited to 16 Students. If selected, PLC will provide a $1,520 scholarship so total cost to Student only $480. First come, first serve. 

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ALWC Testimonial

Isaiah Koolstra during his wilderness course

Isaiah Koolstra in front of resident moose in Rocky Mtn. National Park

Isaiah Koolstra

"Over the eight days that I spent in the backcountry through the ALWC I have increased my confidence and precision in my leadership.  By the end of the eight-day trip, I noticed that I was more active and intentional in the way that I encouraged my team, delegated responsibilities, and made decisions.  One weakness of my leadership style in the past has been that I hide from the responsibility of making decisions by asking for other people’s opinions instead of forming my own; on my first day as group leader, I noticed that this made me indecisive, unconfident, and ultimately less effective as a leader.  By my second day as group leader, I had learned to use all available information, including but not limited to the opinions of others, to make a decision I am assured of.  Also, I came away from ALWC with a clearer perception of failure to reach a goal. Before I tended to view failure as an absolute end that is to be avoided at all costs.  Now, however, I view failure more as a temporary obstacle requires adaptation to your strategy.  Overall, ALWC has improved my understanding of leadership and my strategy for carrying it out."