Students hiking in the mountains at sunset.

7 August - 14 August 2021 - $900 for PLC students

Registration is OPEN for this summer's Applied Leadership Wilderness Course led by Director of PLC, Aaron Roof. There is a limit of 10 students this year. There will be a waiting list that will be drawn from in case of dropped registrants. The cost covers all lodging, food, guide fees, and forest permits.

You will continue to develop your leadership skills by traveling and adventuring with PLC peers and professional wilderness guides. You will brave white water, cliff faces, mountain peaks with no trails, rain, heat, and lots of sand as you visit the Great Sand Dunes Wilderness Area.

Please click on the link below to fill out the interest form. This is just an interest form, however. Your spot is not guaranteed until you pay (BVMA will invoice you - all or in part).

Wilderness Course Registration

ALWC Testimonials

Wil Craig"As an incoming freshman and first-year entering the PLC Class of 2019, I was nervous flying from Missouri to Colorado for a week-long adventure I knew little about. Looking back on it now, however, I can say with confidence that it was perhaps the best introduction into the PLC community and leadership development program that I could have asked for. On the Applied Leadership Wilderness Course not only will you make an immediate connection with upper-classmen and select students from your cohort, but you will also learn a great deal about yourself and what it means for you to be a leader. I highly recommend all incoming and existing PLCers consider attending this trip." - Wilmsen Craig,  PLC 2019

Jordan Lee"This trip was my first official gig as a college student, and I couldn't have asked for a better first memory as a PLCer and CU student!   It was intense (don't get me wrong), and it definitely pushed me to be assertive and make decisions where I wasn't sure if I was making the right call. But we would have daily debriefs about what had happened that day, for better or for worse, which helped me actually grow from experiences. We all hear about how failure is necessary to growth, but it really took this experience for me to see it in action and be able to embody that mentality in my non-wilderness lifestyle. Aside from the personal growth I experienced, I also met some incredible people who I wouldn't otherwise know. As a notoriously shy person, I have a hard time connecting with people quickly, but the experiences we had together helped me open up and connect with everyone. The environment was accepting and genuine, and that made the physical and mental exertion on the trip bearable and ultimately rewarding. This trip played such a formative role in the way I approached my freshmen year, and I couldn't be more thankful to myself for deciding to sign-up."- Jordan Lee, PLC 2019

Nikhil Dandavati"The Applied Leadership Wilderness Course (ALWC) gives students the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones in a truly unusual environment: one that combines high stress, high intensity situations with low consequences. This gives students the opportunity to apply learned skills to real situations and, more importantly, to make mistakes, in scenarios that have all the trappings of a high stakes, real-life situation with none of the usual consequences for failure. The result is students growing in ways that would have taken months or years to achieve in a classroom setting in just days or weeks and leaving with the confidence that they can apply their skills again in the future." - Nikhil Dandavati, PLC 2006

Jake McGrath"The Applied Leadership Wilderness Course was one my most influential leadership experiences. Spending the week in the mountains with our fearless director, Aaron Roof, not only gave me insight into my personal leadership style, but also taught me how to effectively communicate with others in a variety of situations. We were never in any danger, but the decisions made by that day’s leader had measurable effects on the group. This dynamic created a high stress, low consequences environment honed my decision making and critical thinking skills. Most importantly, I learned that different leadership styles suit different situations. From building an impromptu shelter to weather a hail storm, to navigating and keeping morale high on the way back home, one leadership style does not fit all." - Jake McGrath, PLC 2017