The ALE Coordinator works closely with the staff supervisor to advance the efficacy and efficiency of the ALE Program. This job includes all logistics and tracking for ALEs within the year (May-May). Meets with participants 1-on-1 to discuss plans for ALEs, answer questions, and help find experiences that will satisfy requirements. Seeks outside opportunities for PLCers to participate in including jobs, internships, and other experiences. Seeks to develop PLCers personally and professionally through intentional experiences. The ALE Coordinator will also plan both the Fall and Spring ALE Symposiums.

Ideal candidates for this position are:

  • PLC upperclassmen with previous experience on staff (preferred but not required)
  • Must have completed both lower and upper division ALEs (required)
  • Must know the intent behind and benefit of the ALE program and be able to communicate that to students and partnership organizations
  • Highly self-motivated and a self-starter; do not have to be micro-managed
  • Great communicator
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Serve as primary point of contact for tracking current student progress in ALEs
  • Communicate with students doing ALEs on a regular basis to ensure progress
  • Holding students to a high standard in both the quality of their goals and deliverables (memos and evals), but also in their ability to communicate their objectives and outcomes professionally
  • Update ALE/Internship opportunities as needed
  • Update LD ALE, UD ALE deliverables and forms as needed
  • Organize Fall and Spring ALE Symposiums (upper division presentations)
  • Provide timely thank you emails to partnering organizations
  • Cultivate/build upon new and existing ALE partnerships w/local and regional organizations
  • Complete two annual experiential learning program completion audits for all PLC students - communicate results to supervisor
  • Create and update content for Community Partner/ALE Opportunity page on website
  • Create toolkit and onboarding materials for this position

What you’ll learn in the position:

  • Program development
  • Organization and communication skills
  • Public outreach skills
  • Supervisory and mentorship skills
  • Public speaking and community relations skills