Uriel Nauenberg Portrait
Professor Emeritus

Research Interests:

I am interested in the search for Supersymmetric Particles. That is my effort at the CMS Experiment. I am also working on the study of B decays in the BaBar experiment.

I have been working on the design of the detectors associated with International Linear Collider.

Selected Publications:

  1. Two-Photon Process Background to Supersymmetric Signals. Simulation and Analysis of the BeamCal detector in the International Linear Collider. Ability to Detect this Background. With Jack Gill and Gleb Oleinik (undergraduate student), 2008. http://hep-www.colorado.edu/~uriel/Beamstrahl_TwoPhoton-Process/grp_results.html
  2. Search for Gauge-mediated breaking SUSY with photons. CMS Analysis Note AN-2007/040. In collaboration with F. Santanastasio, D. del Re, Sh. Rahatlou, B. Heyburn, S. L. Zang, R. Stringer, M. Balazs, B. Cox, B. Hirosky, R, Yohay. http://cms.cern.ch/iCMS/jsp/iCMS.jsp?mode=single&block=publications/AN-2007/ 040.pdf
  3. Trigger Study for GMSB with Photons. CMS Analysis Note IN-2008/016. With Bernadette Heyburn, Shi- Lei Zang. http://cms.cern.ch/iCMS/jsp/iCMS.jsp?mode=single&block=publications/IN2008.016. pdf
  4. Understanding Missing Transverse Energy in Di-Photon Events and Exotica Searches. CMS Note 2008/000. With A. Askew, Y. Gershtein, G. Hansen, R. Stringer, B. Heyburn, S. L. Zang, D. Del Re, S. Rahatlou, M. Balazs. B. Cox, http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=41938/Note2008_000.pdf
  5. Commissioning of the CMS Experiment and the Cosmic Run at Four Tesla. CFT-09-008. Submitted to JINST. JINST-008T-1109 http://arxiv.org/abs/0911.4991