Teaching and Learning Physics
week VIII assignments


Tues 10/14: More Hidden Curriculum (Expectations and why they matter) :Day 13

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Perkins et al, (2005). "Correlating Student Beliefs With Student Learning Using the Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey," Proceedings of the Physics Education Research Conference 2004, AIP Press.

Perkins, et al (2006). "Towards characterizing the relationship between students' self-reported interest in and their surveyed beliefs about physics,"Proceedings of the Physics Education Research Conference 2005, AIP Press.

Schoenfeld, A. H. (1987). What's all the fuss about metacognition? In A. H. Schoenfeld (Ed.), Cognitive science and mathematics education (pp. 189-215). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Grads add:
Students know what physicists believe, but they don't agree: A study using the CLASS survey, to appear in Physical Review
Kara E. Gray, Wendy K. Adams, Carl E. Wieman and Katherine K. Perkins

Undergrads make 4 postings overall (either 3 pts observations and questions for a reading (counts as one posting) or a substantive response)
Grads make 6 postings please.

Thurs 10/16 : NOTE MODIFICATION (as of 10/12) based on student feedback forms! Day 14

Momentum: Chapter 9 in Knight or whatever chapter covers momentum [no need for a summary]

Select 1 problems from your book chapter or the CAPA set:

i) solve the problem
ii) analyze it in terms of at least 3 categories from the MPEX (see Redish), or 3 categories from CLASS (see papers above). (e.g. how do you rate these (on a scale from 1-5) for the "reality link", "conceptual role in learning", "sense-making" and WHY).
iii) note what sorts of metacognitive activities are required and what sorts of explicit support for developing metacognitive skills are there.

Design your own problem that specifically addresses the Hidden Curriculum (at least 2 different aspects of it). You may make one from scratch or modify one from CAPA or your text (however note which approach you did).

i) state how it addresses the HC
ii) show the solution