Teaching and Learning Physics
week VII assignments


Tues 10/7: Hidden Curriculum : lecture notes day 12

Survey of how class is going.. feel free to make this nonymous our anonymous.


Redish, Teaching Physics, chap 3 pp 51 – 68

A. Elby (2001), Helping physics students learn about learning, American Journal of
Physics (Physics Education Research Supplement), 69(7SUPP1)

Grads add: Hammer, D., Elby, A., Scherr, R. E., & Redish, E. F. (2005). Resources, framing, and transfer. In J. Mestre (Ed.), Transfer of Learning: Research and Perspectives (pp. 89-120). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.
[wanring this is LONG but a good synthesis of the Maryland framework]

Undergrads make 4 postings overall (either 3 pts observations and questions for a reading (counts as one posting) or a substantive response)
Grads make 6 postings please.

Thurs 10/9 :

No Class