Teaching and Learning Physics
week VI assignments

Tues 9/30:

No Class

Thurs 10/2: Situated Cognition & Context: Lecture Notes day 11

Survey of what you'd like to see for 2nd half of class. Print out and bring to class or drop in my mailbox

Teaching Physics Redish: review Chapter 2: pp 29-30 and 36-40; pp 69-80;
_____ [you've already read this.. so no need to make notes or post comments]
Brown, Collins, Duguid: Situated Cognition (1989)
Vygotsky: Mind in Society: [Ugrads read 1 chapter; Grads read both]
_______ Chapter 6: Interaction between Learning and Development (easier)
_______ Chapter 7: Role of Play in Development (harder)

Undergrads make 4 postings overall (either 3 pts observations and questions for a reading (counts as one posting) or a substantive response)
Grads make 6 postings please.