Teaching and Learning Physics
week V assignments

Tues 9/23: Day 9 looking at underpinning theories of cognition: robust knowledge structures and knowledge in pieces

Redish, Teaching and Learning Physics: Read the rest of Chapter 2 that you haven't read yet (so pp 17-30,36-40 and 42-end;) also please look at 142-146 .

diSessa (scanned pdf here, or if you prefer, the "optical character recognized" word version (smaller, easier on the eyes, except a little formatting is lost)
Chapter 5 _Changing Minds

grads: Levrini & Disessa: How students learn from multiple contexts and definitions: Proper time as a coordination class, Physical Review article [Warning: this is supposed to be difficult]

NEW: I'd like to thread the discussion a little more on CU Learn.
Please make AT LEAST two post / significant comment per article, and now make AT LEAST two responses / comments to others
that's 6 posting overall for undergrads (2 per each of the 2 pieces and 2 responses overall), and 8 for grads.

Thurs 9/25:Day 10 Dynamics & Forces & Newton's Third.

Read the sections on dynamics forces and Newton's Third.

Find samples of 3 problems from your text or from CAPA:

solve the problem, identify reasoning steps, evalute the utility of the problem for developing ideas
AND note how this problem supports a Cognitive Conflict model, a refining intuitions model (bridging, or stepwise development), or other approach.