Teaching and Learning Physics
week 4 assignments

Tues 9/16: (lecture notes day 7)

Redish, Teaching and Learning Physics: begin chapter 2: pp 30-36 and 40-42; 124 -141 (Note that we will go back and read the parts of Ch 2 that we're skipping *next week*)

Posner: Towards a theory of accomodation [NOTE THIS IS NOW FOR EVERYONE!]

Papert Situating Constructionism for more on Papert, visit his website [Required for Grads, optional undergrads]

Thurs 9/18: (lecture notes day 8)

Forces: Knight Chap 4


summary of chapter as ususal...
pick 3 problems from the back of the chapter.
a) Solve them.
b) How are these problems the same or different from those you've worked on CAPA?
c) Now, based on what you know about student learning / engagment, improve them --- Restate the problems, and specifically describe why / how they have been improved. For at least one of the problems use the elicit-confront-resolve approach [hint Tutorials may be helpful here]