Teaching and Learning Physics
week 14 assignments

Tues Dec 2: Day 25 notes

The progressive era --
aka if we don't know where we are then perhaps we ought look where we've been

First: Dewey, Experience and Education,  chapters 1 2 7 8  (yes this sounds like a lot, but it's not).

optional but recommended:
Next (we may or may not get to this on Tues, probably not. But then we'll follow up on Thurs): Benezet's story. "The Teaching of Arithmetic I, II, III: The Story of an Experiment," Journal of the National Education Association ---(yes there are 3 different articles.)

questions / observations!

Thurs 12/4: Day 26


Please come in with a written statement of your philosophy and approach to teaching (~ 1-2 paragraphs). Please turn in an electronic copy of this on CU Learn --- This will be due TUESDAY 12/9.

Please take the CLASS attitude and beliefs survey: 4810 (undergrad) and 7810 (grad)
(You should only have to take this once, even if you're in other physics classes - just tick off the list of all physics classes you're taking this term, on that web link)

Please take the brief conceptual assessment of mechanics handed out in class Thurs ... Due Tues.
(the survey should be self-timed -- please take no more than 45 minutes and please use no outside resrouces. Do give yourself a block of time to do this when you won't be interrupted. It may take you less time, especially if you've done it 15 times already :-)

Final Course Survey (detailed feedback for Finkelstein and future generations of students). Due Tues 12/9

FCQ's: you should have been emailed.. otherwise use the following fcq link (note different classes 4810/7810) - By Monday Dec 8 11:59p.