Teaching and Learning Physics
week 13 assignments

Tues 11/18: More models of learning and Assessment: - Day 23

Schwartz, Why Direct Instruction Earns a C- in Transfer
Grads: Sfard: On Two Metaphors of Learning and the Dangers of Choosing Just One

Online resposnes and questions please.

Note: reduced readings / work this week to allow you to focus on your projects.

Thurs 11/20: Oscillations, Physics and Learning - Day 24

Review Chapter on Oscillations (Chap 14 Knight). No summary necessary

Desing a sequence of problems that might be a preparation of future learnign activity (a la Schwartz)
Or Modify a HW problem from the chapter so that it is a PFL activity
or Critique 3 problems as to whether or not they can promote future learning

Discussion in class: how do we assess the abilities that we want in our classes.