Teaching and Learning Physics weekly schedule

Week 1 assignments


Tues 8/26: (class notes day 1)

Get a copy of the course text (Redish, "Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite") and look at the intro (again, there is a free online version listed on the syllabus and general resource page for this course)

(optional): Read the highlights from the TIMSS - Third International Math Science Study (pick 1995, 1999, or 2003) or
check out the general resources tab for the class.

Thurs 8/28:(class notes day 2)

READ: Introductory / Preface Sections to your physics textbook and first chapter on Concepts of Motion, x,v,a(use texts such as Knight, or whatever you have. If you don't have any freshman physics text, get one from the library (or ask me, I have plenty in my office) .
Knight: vii– xvii & Chapter 1. Follow the protocol listed on the course syllabus, please (summarizing each of the two sections).
Also, read the introduction to Redish.

Make a (preliminary) decision about your fieldwork for the semester. I'd like you to get started ASAP - if you plan on working in the Tutorials (recommended) you need to attend their weekly preparation meetings, which are going on this week. (If you're working somewhere else, we may need to make arrangements. Talk to me or email with any questions!). You will be asked to sign-up in class

Please come in with a written statement of your philosophy and approach to teaching (~ 1-2 paragraphs). Please turn in an electronic copy of this on CU Learn

Please take the CLASS attitude and beliefs survey: 4810 (undergrad) and 7810 (grad)
(You should only have to take this once, even if you're in other physics classes - just tick off the list of all physics classes you're taking this term, on that web link)

Please take the brief conceptual assessment of mechanics handed out in class
(the survey should be self-timed -- please take no more than 45 minutes and please use no outside resrouces. Do give yourself a block of time to do this when you won't be interrupted. It may take you less time, especially if you've done it 15 times already :-)

Optional: check out the general resources tab for the class.