4810/7810 Project - Informal Presentations.

Presentaitons Tues 12/9, 4-5:30p & Tues 12/16, 1:30-3p

Each of you will have 7 +/- 2 min to present your work. You will be held strictly to this limit.
There will be up to 2 minutes for questions.

While these are to be informal, I do want you to practice on your own.

Instead of presenting the entire project, please plan on:

Or if you did a project that does not fit into this framework, plan on picking a reasonable description of what you did for the project that will fit into five minutes. You are DISCOURAGED from summarizing everything you did.

I will have my computer available if you wish to use it (check with me in advance)... however use of a computer is not necessary.

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