Teaching and Learning Physics
week 8 assignments

Tues 10/11: Review and Assessments

TP: ch 4: Assessing our students in class: 69-90. (questions / comments only to be turned in... though you can write a summary for your own benefit)

Please write up a summary of what you believe to have happened in the course so far. While you can do it linearly (i.e. we did this day 1 this day 2, etc...) I might be helpful and informative for you to take a bigger picture approach and try to reframe what we have covered in class... You may take a lens of content, pedagogy, and theory...or another frame on what we've covered. Be creative. This should not be an onerous task particularly and does not have to be remarkably elaborate. (Though I don't mind if you get detailed;)

In class you may present your summary.

Thurs 10/13: Fall Break