Teaching and Learning Physics
week 7 assignments

Tues: 10/4: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! no class

Wed 10/5: Please fill out the course mid term survey AND the ballot on what to cover next. The can be anonymous or nonymous. Print them out and leave them in my box by Noon Wed 10/5.

Thurs 10/6: Hidden Curriculum: Attitudes & beliefs:

TP: ch 2 43 – 50; 
TP: chap 3 pp 51 – 68;
TP; pp. 170 – 180 (Workshop Physics)

Grads mus read at least one of the two following papers... though both are good.

Elby & Hammer On the substance of a sophisticated Epistemology…(grads and u-grad optional)

Elby, Helping Physics Students Learn How to Learn (grads and u-grad optional)