Teaching and Learning Physics
week VI assignments

Tues 9/27: Situating cognition in the right place... how does culture fit into this..

Brown, Collins, Duguid: Situated Cognition

TP: cont ch 2 pp 29-30 and 36-40

standard summary for these to be turned in.


Thurs 9/29: Current / Resistance

HRW: pp 610 - 630 (or so).


a. 1 paragraph to 1 page proposal for a final class project. This does not have to be definitive in any way... but it will start a dialog between us.

b. 1 paragraph summary of chapter)
c. pick 2 problems from the LON-CAPA set 7 set on current / cirucits
and improve on them. (click here for the set). Be sure to list

goals/ /main idea
student process for solving the problem
why and how you have improved the program
and IN PARTICULAR focus on how these questions may or may not be drawing on Situated Cognition. Altneratively you can consider how these build on intuitive ideas (diSessa) -- though these are coupled .

d. Design a question that you believe to be productive that builds on the ideas of situation cognition. Provide the question along with a discussion of why this draws on / builds culturally-bound knowledge of our students.