Teaching and Learning Physics
week 11 assignments

Tues 11/1: Analogy in learning physics

Podolefsky - The Use of Analogy in Physics Learning and Instruction (Dept. of Physics, U. Colorado, Comprehensive Exam paper 2005).

Podolefsky - Analogical Scaffolding: A Research Based Model of Learning Abstract Ideas in Physics- Proceedings of the Physics Educaiton Reearch Conference 2005.

Thurs 11/4: Magnetic Fields & Electric interaction - motors torques etc.

read/peruse the chapter / familiarize yourself with the content.
No summary is due.

i. Find evidence in this chapter of explicit or implicit uses of analogy

ii. Identify analogy use implicit or explicit in a textbook problem.

iii. Desgin a problem that uses Podolefsky's idea of analogical scaffolding.

Project Outline Due. -- 1 - 2 pages This should be an opportunity to expand on your project proposal now that you've had a bit more experience in yoru fieldwork. While you can use the outline /model in the syllabus as a guide you should not feel constrained. Use this as an opportunity to shape what work you WILL do for your final project this term.