Teaching and Learning Physics
week 9 assignments

Tues 10/19: Assessment:
Teaching Physics: Chapter 5

standard proceedure -- 1 paragraph summary 3 questions / points

Thurs 10/21: Voltage / Circuits

read/peruse the chapter / familiarize HRW yourself with the content.
No summary is due.

Read through Chapter 3 of Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching and Assessing - Through page 36 or as much as it takes to understand what the taxonomy is. [again no summary is necessary, even if it is a good idea] If you don't have a copy of the text: a) you're a slacker (or missed class legitimately) and b) there is a copy in my mailbox on the first floor.

Pick 3 problems from your chapter, or LON CAPA set 8, or some place else. Make sure that each problem fits into a different taxonomy box.

Identify where on the taxonomy of learning goals each problem would go, and disucss why.