Teaching and Learning Physics
week 8 assignments

Tues 10/12: Hidden Curriculum: Attitudes & beliefs:

TP: ch 2 43 – 50; 
TP: chap 3 pp 51 – 68;
TP; pp. 170 – 180 (Workshop Physics)

Elby & Hammer On the substance of a sophisticated Epistemology…(optional)

Elby, Helping Physics Students Learn How to Learn (optional)


Thurs 10/7: Current / Resistance

HRW: pp 610 - 630 (or so).


a. 1 paragraph summary of chapter)
b. pick 3 problems from the LON-CAPA set 7 set on current / cirucits
and improve on them. (click here if you cannot log on to LONCAPA).[Hint the discussions on LON-CAPA should be helpful] Be sure to list

goals/ /main idea
student process for solving the problem
why and how you have improved the program
and IN PARTICULAR any meta-messages/ hidden curriculum included