Teaching and Learning Physics
week 7 assignments

Tues 10/5: Situating cognition in the right place... how does culture fit into this..

Brown, Collins, Duguid: Situated Cognition

TP: cont ch 2 pp 29-30 and 36-40

standard summary for these to be turned in.


1st half of Capacitor HOMEWORK due...select 3 questions from your textbook about capacitors. You should pick questions that you believe are rather good, or rather bad.

version 1 - to be handed to another student, lists just the questions
version 2 - to be handed to NF: lists the questions, 1 sentence for each question on the goals of the question, 1 sentence as to whether you believe it to be a good or bad question.


Thurs 10/7: Capacitance

HRW: pp 590 -610


a) outline - 1-2 paragraph: review/ summarize/ analyze the chapter -- pay particular attention to the question "Why an entire chapter on capacitors?"

b) from Tuesday you should have received 3 questions from a colleague:

  • For each question:
  • list what the goals of the question are -- what is it getting at (several sentences)
  • what the students should do to solve the question (get into some detail)
  • why this is a good question -- why it reaches these goals. (again detail is good, perhaps what you would keep or change).

c) one of my goals for Introductory Physics is that students are problem solvers and can make / follow a good scientific or rational argument. I put is as follows for students: I want you to be able to tell what is NEWS (presentation of facts, evidence), what is analysis ("objective" evaluation of facts and evidence), and what is spin (biased interpretation that purports to be facts, evidence or analysis when in fact it is not). In the "news" this week you should find plenty examples of each. Pick a particularly good example of each and write up a description and a few sentences on each.