Teaching and Learning Physics
week 3 assignments

Tues 9/7:

McDermott, and Shaffer, “Research as a guide for curriculum development: anexample from introductory electricity Parts I&II” AJP 60(11), (1992), 994-1013 - NOTE THESE WERE HANDED OUT 9/2

Mazur, Peer Instruction Chapter 2

Discussion to be led by: Kara, Chuck and Chris.


Thurs 9/9:

Read TWO CHAPTERS: (this is because we'll be skipping class the following week)

you do not have to read word- for -word, but you should spend an hour or so perusing these chapters.

Electric Field / Flux / Gauss’ LawHRW: pp 521 - 557

Pick two problems from: hw 2 AND two problems from hw 3
be sure to follow our protocol for each problem.