Teaching and Learning Physics
week 15 assignments

Tues 11/30: Context
sure... it all depends on context... errr... but what's context?

Please fill out the following 5 min survey about beliefs (your participation will be recorded) 7810 and 4810 students

Finkelstein, N. "Learning physics in context: a study of student learning about electricity and magnetism" Int. J. of Sci. Education (2004, to appear)

Wilczek, F. "Whence the Force of F=ma? I: Culture Shock" Physics Today October 2004.

3 questions / observations only.

Thurs 12/2:

Provide a course summary.

You may use your writeups from the readings and homeworks. Ideally you should be able to create a 1-2 page summary of what we covered in this course. You could make a concept-map, use embedded frames of context, an outline, knowledge structures, whatever makes sense to you.

Note that there are at least three elements to this course: Tuesday readings, Thursday hw's and your fieldwork.