Teaching and Learning Physics
week 14 assignments

Tues 11/23: Technology in the class

Pollock, S. & Perkins, K, "Increasing Student Engagement in Large Classes: A Departmental Case Study " APS Forum Newsletter, pg. 5-6

Perkins, K., Adams, Dubson, Finkelstein, LeMaster, Reid, and Wieman, "PhET: Interactive Simulations for Teaching and Learning Physics," Physics Teacher pre-print. (in submission)

optional: Finkelstein, Adams, Keller, Kohl, LeMaster, Perkins, Podolefsky, and Reid, "When learning about the real world is better done virtually: A study of substituting computer simulations for laboratory equipment," Physical Review Special Topics: Physics Education Research, pre-print (in submission)

homework. In addition to 3 comments total, play around with the PhET simulations. Pick your favorite 3 and be ready to defend why they are your faves.


Thurs 11/30:

Eat as though you were a gluttonous king of France.