Teaching and Learning Physics
week 12 assignments

Tues 11/9: The progressive era --
aka if we don't know where we are then perhaps we ought look where we've been

Dewey, Experience and Education, Chap 1,2,7,8 (yes this sounds like a lot, but it's not).
alternate access to chapters 1 2 7 8

Benezet's story (optional). "The Teaching of Arithmetic I, II, III: The Story of an Experiment," Journal of the National Education Association ---yes there are 3 different articles.

3 questions / observations only.

Thurs 11/11: Induction / Faraday: Chp. 31 in HRW

homework: Tutorial sin Intro physics pp 107 - 110. If you don't have a copy of Tutorials and were not in class (e.g. your name is Elliot) Tutorials are in my mailbox.

Critique (constructively) the Tutorial Homework on Lenz' Law.
If you were Dewey or Benezet would you approve of this approach? Why?

What would have to change to teach this content to children?