Teaching and Learning Physics
week 10 assignments

Tues 10/26: Problem Solving

Finney - a review paper
Mayer - paper grads (ugrad optional)

no summary necessary; 3 questions / points still due

Thurs 10/28: Magnets and Magnetic Fields

read/peruse the chapter / familiarize yourself with the content.
No summary is due.

Pick 2 problems that are good PROBLEM SOLVING problems as defined by the author of your choosing. List the problem, identify the categorization scheme (from Finney above) of your chosing, and justify why this is a good problem (this includes goals, audience, approach).

Examine this CONTEXT RICH PROBLEM Laboraotry from the cooperative group problem solving suite (U Minn). Analyze whether and how this is an appropriate PROBLEM versus EXERCISE.

Final project outlines are due.